jQuery for Designers and Themers

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Small non-intrusive animations and interactions can greatly enhance the user experience and impress website visitors and clients. jQuery and jQuery UI make it easy to add these enhancements with little or no knowledge of javascript. Learn how!

This session will be based on a very successful and similar session I gave at DrupalCon Paris and the sample code that resulted from that; the jQuery for Designers and Themers theme for Drupal 6. I also gave a similar, but more advanced session at DrupalSouth Wellington 2010

No understanding of jQuery, javascript or even Drupal theming is required, but a good understanding of CSS selectors (e.g. "#page #content > p a.read_more {}") and how HTML elements are nested within each other to build a tree (aka DOM) is important.

Slides are available at TinyURL.com/jQuery-Designers (Google Docs) (They will be updated).
A low quality video from DrupalCon Paris is available from Archive.org
Sample code is available at Drupal.org/Project/jQ4DaT.

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