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Planning and Executing a Successful Drupal Implementation | FOREST & trees

Planning and Executing a Successful Drupal Implementation

Michael Morris (mmorris), Jeff Walpole (jwalpole), Dave Leopnard (dleonard)

Learn how to execute best practice processes on large scale Drupal implementations. You'll hear real world examples of how to deal with detailed customer requirements, systems integration complications, tight budgets, and high expectations from stakeholders. Drupal poses particular challenges in these areas, and this panel of experienced Drupal implementers will help you navigate them with predictable results.

In this session we'll discuss how agile analysis and project management processes can be applied to the specific and unique situations presented in a Drupal implementation. We'll discuss the setting of expectations for stakeholders when planning and executing a Drupal project, and how to avoid the typical pitfalls. You'll also learn how a multi-disciplined project team can smooth your project execution, and increase your chance for overall success.

Topics to be covered:

  • Talking to your stakeholders about CMS and Drupal
  • Avoiding the "just install the X module" effect
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Tailoring the solution to fit within Drupal's natural capabilities
  • Brainstorming and wireframing techniques
  • Dealing with technical challenges that are specific to Drupal
  • Ensuring site acceptance, and more importantly, stakeholder happiness!

超有名 Drupal ショップの一つである Phase 2 における、Drupal を使ったサイト構築プロジェクトの進め方を解説。Drupal に特有の部分も若干あるけれど、ほとんどの部分は Drupal を使わないソフトウェア開発・ウェブサイト構築プロジェクトにも応用が利くと思われる。



あと、途中で出てくる System Diagram というのが僕には分からなかったので、同様に知らない人のために、それについて話されているときのスクリーンショットを添えておく。

Document Integrations with System Diagrams

System Diagram




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